The PCO Alliance Network recently voted in their new EXCO and Sub Committee Members appointments. These appointments are for a period of two years, the current Covid environment permitting.

The appointments are:


Chairperson: Ellen Oosthuizen (re appointed)

Vice Chairperson: Clare Coomer (re appointed)

PR & HR: Cheryl Norwood-Young (re appointed)

Site Inspections & Tours: Koketso Menong (re appointed)

Commissions: Joanika Haasbroek

Treasurer: Lizette Worst (re appointed)

Secretary: Angelique Smith


PR & HR: Melody Barber and Carla Rossouw

Site Inspections: Fabio Pizzol and Fil Concado

Boat Cruise: Premila Shunmugam and Margaret Combrinck

Christmas party: Paul Rouessart and Premila Shunmugam


Congratulations to all. Each Member on the EXCO Committee carries out very important duties to keep the PCO Alliance Network Members involved, educated and motivated in our industry. 2021 is once again a challenging year for us and our Chairperson, Ellen Oosthuizen is working tirelessly to assist the SA Events Council with the great work they are doing, lobbying Government to assist the Events and Exhibition Industry in the way forward.


The other EXCO Members work extremely hard creating awareness with:

Assisting our Chairperson – Clare Coomer

Ongoing Public Relations campaigns and social media  – Cheryl Norwood-Young assisted by Carla Rossouw and Melody Barber

Negotiating commissions – Joanika Haasbroek

Arranging site inspections and keeping up to date with new venues – Koketso Menong who is assisted by Fabio Pizzol and Fil Concado

Finances, membership fees and overheads – Lizette Worst

Secretarial duties, arranging meetings and keeping minutes and regular records  – Angelique Smith


The Sub Committees also arrange our Industry Boat Cruise – Premila Shunmagum and Margaret Combrinck and our end of year Christmas Party – Paul Rouessart and Premila Shunmagum.


The PCO Alliance has grown in stature and reputation and is now a proud member of the SA Events Council. Our growing voice in the Events and Exhibition Industry has culminated in PCO Alliance hosted events such as the Proof of Safety Concept Conference in September 2020 and the Event Safety for Dummies in June 2021.


A HUGE thank you to Zoom Photography for doing our superb photo shoot and to Africlassic by BON Hotels for hosting us with such a beautiful setting, warm hospitality and delicious food.