The COVID 19 virus is dominating world news and the ensuing lock down period is a gravely difficult time globally. The PCO Alliance Network is actively implementing all efforts to safeguard ourselves, our staff, our families and our working environment. We focus on supporting safe, healthy and involved employees, suppliers and other stake holders. We advocate responsible, factual reporting and decision-making. The following are across the board operational plans for all Members:

  • All members and their staff are working remotely in home offices
  • Members are conducting staff and client meetings via Zoom or Skype
  • Meetings with the PCO Alliance Network EXCO are done via skype
  • Regular encouraging communication is shared between members via email or whattsapp to keep morale going
  • Regular encouraging communication is shared between members and other Industry players via Instagram, Facebook, email or whattsapp to encourage unity and support
  • Members have been encouraged to participate in complete social distancing
  • Members have been encouraged to do online courses – of which many are free of charge
  • Members will do research on venues and destinations
  • Members will start creating interesting new ideas for events
  • Members may upgrade and redesign websites
  • All members to also endeavor to enjoy “quiet time”, participate in hobbies, eat a healthy diet, hydrate and do enough exercising


We will continue to Honour our Industry and will actively assist our colleagues, suppliers and venues in rebuilding it after the lockdown period is over