Membership Criteria


  • Membership is by invitation only
  • Members are Professional Conference Organisers or Professionals in the field of assisting clients with the sourcing and securing of venues for Leisure Groups, Conferences, Teambuilding and Functions and for Organising Events, Tours & Travel
  • Membership is given to individual persons, not companies
  • Members are to have been in the Events business for a minimum of two years
  • A current company or personal Tax Clearance Certificate to be submitted if said PCO pays venues and suppliers on behalf of clients
  • Potential members must have an active website
  • Potential members to be actively placing business. A list to be submitted to EXCO, indicating all business placed during the previous 12 months. This to include Rand-value placed and venues where such business has been placed
  • Before full membership is approved, written references to be submitted to the EXCO from at least 2 venues
  • Members to sign agreement to abide with Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics
  • Potential members are referred by current members and venues. Names and company details will be forwarded to all current members for comment. Based on comments received as well as the above criteria having been met and approved, potential new members may be appointed after meeting with the Executive committee and on a 3-month probation period.

Code of Conduct

  • The member will not add on to the printed prices where the standard rate of commission has been included
  • Total transparency between member, Client, Venue & Suppliers
  • No fees to be charged to client unless so stipulated in a contract between client and member
  • Release provisional bookings timeously
  • Clients to be billed directly, where possible
  • Venue and Supplier contract to be signed by clients, where possible
  • At members’ discretion, advise venues of client name when making enquiries or bookings
  • No poaching of other members’ clients
  • Member to ensure that the Venue and Suppliers receive a written working document/brief for the event, at least one week prior to the event. A copy of this document to be sent to the Client (Professional Conference Organisers only)
  • Any amendments are sent timeously in writing, to the Venue and/or Suppliers
  • The member will endeavour to ensure that clients pay venues timeously and follow-up with clients until full amounts have been paid
  • Members will respond to invitations as soon as possible after receiving them, even if, at the date of receiving invitation , a member is unable to confirm their attendance, a response is to be sent in acknowledgement of receipt of the invitation.
  • Members will never be a “no-show”
  • Members will adhere to a Venues’ Terms & Conditions
  • Any dispute between members and/or Venues and Suppliers, will be brought to the attention of the Chairperson and EXCO. Should arbitration be considered fair or necessary, such arbitration is immediately executed in order for all parties to be given a fair opportunity to state their case. Three such arbitrations have taken place to date with all having been successfully negotiated where all parties agreed to a fair and just conclusion.