March has been a busy month in the Event Industry. With the easing of lockdown restrictions to level 1, Members have noticed a small upswing in business – some in person business but most still virtual or hybrid events. Corporates are starting to gain a little more confidence which bodes well for the future of the events industry.

The Event and Exhibition industry have been busy too. On 19 March SAACI, PCO Alliance Network and the Event Safety Council in partnership with the SA Events Council hosted a hybrid conference at Spier Estate. The event was called “Customer Centric: Practical Implementation and Building Trust” The speakers were Ellen Oosthuizen – Chairperson of PCO Alliance & SA Events Council, Kim Roberts – SAACI National Chairperson Western Cape, Grant Faiers – Managing and Finance Member of TECHX, and George Skazikis – Director of Operations, EVSOL and Event Safety Council Representative Western Cape.

They spoke about how putting a COVID-19 Management Plan into place will enhance the customer experience at business events. Each speaker spoke from their particular point of view in the industry covering current difficulties, tips and best practices moving forward. The event was sponsored by WESGRO a Division of the Cape Town Convention Bureau.

On 20 March, the SA Events Council and WESGRO participated in the Legend Runners Uphill Challenge which was held at the Afrikaans Language Monument in Paarl. Exhibitors in the Tourism and Events Industry as well as the suppliers, participated as exhibitors to support this event.

The purpose of the Uphill Challenge Fun Run was to create awareness and exhibit tour operators, wheel operators and event organisers who all promote our regions and country as a whole, but due to a challenging year had no income, lost jobs and some closed businesses. It was also an opportunity to shine a light on “The Forgotten Industry” and do a proof of safety concept outdoor, physical event. The following amazing companies either sponsored or advertised at the event.

Afriforum, Adventure Car Hire, Africa Travel CO, Afrikaans Taal Monument, AGAAIN, Aquila Safaris, Bazbus, Big Shot Tours, Boland Isuzu, Boland Toilet Services, Bosch Projects, Cape Town Group Transport & Travel, Cape Town Helicopters, Ceres Zipslide Adventures, City Sightseeing, Chartwell House, Crystal Events, Day Trippers, Diesel & Dust, digi tv, Dimensions Tents & Structures, DLTA Paarl, DLTA Wellington, ESMS Emergency Services, Fairview, Ferdinand’s Tours & Adventures, Frontier Events, Gap Year & Adventure Training, Garden Route Outdoor Show, Hilton Hotels, Intello Accoustics, IPIC Active, IALA, KTM Paarl, Meishi, McCarthy’s Auto Trimmers, Optimum Group, Paarl Adventure Trails, Paarl Rock Tours, PERI, Pointline, ProTours Coach Charters, Renergy, Rogge Kloof, SA Events Council, SAITA, Spirit of Africa Amarok, Skin Trade Tattoos, Sports Helicopters, The Wine Farmer, UBUNTU, Uwe Koetter, Vinet, Wesgro, Weskus Tourism.

Well done on being part of this great initiative! We look forward to more of these events.

Cheryl Norwood-Young

Human Resources & Public Relations

PCO Alliance Network