The PCO ALLIANCE NETWORK was founded in 2005 by Jacqueline Stumke, owner of Jacqueline Stumke & Associates, Event & Conference Management (established 1985).

At that time there were few opportunities where PCO’s (Professional Conference Organisers) could effectively network with one another. Many PCO’s operate with a small staff contingency thus having limited time to continually do site-inspections, attend industry-related seminars of current trends and therefore remain professionally up-dated. A forum was needed for PCO’s to network constructively and as one, united group.

Initially, a select group of PCO’s met regularly to share their experiences of Venues and Service Providers, discuss fees charged for diverse projects and other industry-related information.

As new members were introduced to the group, the PCO ALLIANCE NETWORK expanded and gained even more recognition in the industry. Now, the PCO ALLIANCE NETWORK is a Brand and each member is proud to display the motto : “WE HONOUR OUR INDUSTRY”.

The daily electronic networking between members ensures that their respective clients receive an extremely professional service. Proposals and Tenders can be more speedily submitted, particularly considering that they could include quotes from many Service Providers such as Teambuilding costs and ideas, Speakers, Transport, Gifts, AV Equipment, etc. as all those Service Providers who have been approved by members, are listed, are current and are therefore of the highest standard.

The PCO ALLIANCE NETWORK has set high standards in the Event Management sector of the hospitality industry and is recognized as a professional Alliance by the majority of Hotel Groups, independent Hotels and Venues and Affiliated Event Suppliers. They are keen to work with the group as preferred suppliers and therefore regularly host the members in order to showcase their facilities and services, thus keeping members up-to-date at all times.

The groups’ Preferred Suppliers, which include Venues and hospitality affiliated services, offer the members of the PCO ALLIANCE NETWORK extra incentives which are exclusive to members of the group. They recognize the buying power of the group and appreciate the professional manner in which members conduct business.

From its inception, it had been decided that membership would not exceed 30 and would ideally function with between 25-30 members.

Membership is by invitation only and extended to a person in his/her own capacity and therefore not the company he/she owned or was a partner in.

Members are contracted to the group by means of agreeing to Terms & Conditions as well as a Codes of Ethics & Conduct. Any regression from these is taken seriously and is immediately addressed.



Venues and Suppliers are encouraged to market their facilities and services to the PCO ALLIANCE NETWORK. The knowledge gained through this exposure is extended to members’ respective clients resulting in subsequent increase in sales.


The PCO ALLIANCE NETWORK holds regular meetings, attend numerous site-inspections and functions which are arranged exclusively for members of the group and often go away on week-ends for group site-inspections where they experience all that the particular venue offers.



  • Excellent networking where members share invaluable and current industry related issues, ideas, prices, venues, teambuilding activities, speakers, entertainers and all event management affiliated suppliers.
  • Professional and courteous attention when conducting or setting up site-inspections
  • Preferred incentive structures
  • An awareness in the market place, of their own motivation to maintain a high standard of professionalism
  • The compilation of a list of preferred suppliers – those venues and suppliers who offer competitive rates, commissions and service and who are continually supportive of the PCO ALLIANCE NETWORK
  • A close-knit group who are not only professional associates, but who have become lifelong friends