On 28 & 29 August 2018, many members of the PCO ALLIANCE NETWORK attended a fabulous site inspection and stay over at Fairmont Zimbali.


Our thank you….

Liezl, Bettie, Lisa, Natasha, Tony, Friedrich, Paulo, Jean-Christophe, Cindy, Gabriella, Nosipho,
Paige, & Meena

Wow, wow, wow, thank you all and all those too that were involved in showcasing the Zimbali
Resort Hotel to the PCO Alliance Members, we were all so bowled over by your attention to detail,
from the champagne & chocolate strawberries on arrival at the Airport, the amazing welcome
at the front entrance, the sombreros, sunglasses & Mexican luncheon, the amazing relaxing Spa
treatments, to an evening of fun & laughter.  The Ladies loved their shawls & diamantes and the
Gents their braces & hats. Mo the Magician and The Moulin Rouge were a great success.
Delicious food all round and of course the Karaoke was a highlight as we now have our own
signature song the ‘PCOA’, definitely think we will have to patent our song!

We all can’t thank you enough for all the effort and planning that you put into the arrangements
of such a superb Site Inspection, all our wonderful gifts are so appreciated and our great picture
will always remind us of our time spent with you all. You even got the weather just right  and to
top it , we are all coming back to visit soon, so thank you.


Fairmont Zimbali’s response…

Dear Jacqueline, Clare, Exco and Members,

Thank you so much for the beautiful e-mail received – I will most certainly pass this on to the rest of the team!

I have been in such awe with your feedback after your visit. Thank you so much to each and every one of your for taking the time to send a message, it is very much appreciated.

Although I have understood the ethos of the PCO Alliance for many years, when researching the words for Mo to use on the cards for his final trick, they were still just words on paper from your website. It was only after spending the last two days with you, that I realized how much meaning there is behind those words. It was not only the experience and professionalism that stood out, but the friendship, love and comradery between all of you was electrifying. Thank you for letting myself and the team experience a taste of this!

We really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules and for the sacrifices that you have made to be with us.

I am looking forward to seeing you all again very soon – please book your weekends away directly with me!

On behalf of the rest of the team, thank you also for the generous gratuity received. Mostly thank you for not letting any of them feel like they are just hotel staff: they were so impressed with the respectful manner in which they were treated by you.

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